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We want to help you make money! Whether your customers are vehicle owners, businesses, hospitals or other kinds of institutions, we've got your news. The staff at Carpet Cleaners and Providers includes crack technology reporters, geeky engineers and know-it-all textile scientists. If carpet cleaning is your business, welcomeÖ

This week's articles include topics, such as drying time, best machines for commercial environments and dual-function carpet cleaners that clean rugs and floors. Be sure to visit our resources page and send us comments so we can make a great site even better.

Industrial Carpet Cleaner Industrial

All about Drying Times

With the right carpet cleaner, rug drying times can be as little as 2 hours. Learn about low-flow and other technologies that reduce dampness.
Commercial Carpet Cleaner Commercial

Cleaning Technology

The latest on airflow, pressure levels and water column lift. We also discuss heating technologies (inline versus tank heating elements) & extraction.
Carpet Cleaning Machines Business

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

We interview experts on vehicle upholstery and get their takes on attachments, techniques and the one no-fail trick for removing wine stains.
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Carpet Cleaner Buying Advice Buying Advice

Cleaning Rugs & Floors

Dual function carpet cleaners claim to clean both carpets and hard flooring. Sound too good to be true? We talk to pros and suppliers to uncover the facts about dual function.
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daimer carpet cleaners
Additional Information
When Do Cleaners Hurt Carpets?
In the wrong hands, any carpet extractor can damage rugs, experts claim. Textile experts offer their take and provide time saving tips.
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Application Advice:
Remove a Funky Smell
Employing the correct carpet extraction system and cleaning techniques can eliminate the worst odors from pets, floods, mold, mildew and more.
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Carpet Cleaners for Car Cleaning
We interview pros about vehicle upholstery and get their takes on attachments, techniques and the one no-fail trick for removing wine stains.
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Portability and Carpet Cleaners
Rug shampooers that are portable and maneuverable can increase portability and profits -- when used for the right applications. Our Do's and Don'ts.
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Some Pointers On How To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner Providers

Investing in carpet cleaners is a smart choice for any commercial or industrial area. The right kind of carpet cleaning unit can effectively remove a wide range of dirt and deposits from different kinds of carpeting. Not only will the carpeting look and feel good, regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that the carpets stay that way for a long time to come. Buying a carpet cleaner involves much more than a simple assessment of the machine - itís also important to look at the carpet cleaning unit providers. There are certain features that will set a high-quality machine from a good provider, apart from the rest.

Quality Does Matter

You donít have to look very far to find a carpet cleaner today - the market is filled with different kinds of carpet cleaners, with new models coming up all the time. When youíre looking for a good industrial carpet cleaner but have a tight budget to work with, it can be tempting to just invest in cheap carpet cleaning machines. A low-quality unit might be less expensive, but they can end up costing you more money in the long run. A cheap carpet cleaner has a higher chance of frequent break-downs and may need to have its parts replaced more often.

This is why itís actually a more economical choice to invest in high quality carpet cleaners from a good provider. These commercial carpet cleaners have a number of features that set them apart - for instance, they have durable and rugged housing, to protect the motor and other components within the unit. This housing is usually resistant to rust and chemical corrosion. Heated carpet cleaning units have durable heating elements made of a strong metal. Many cheaper units use aluminum heating elements. Since this is a very soft metal, it is more prone to pitting and other kinds of damage.

Portability and Convenience

The best providers supply carpet cleaners that arenít just made of quality components, but also have a number of convenience features as well. Truck mounted carpet cleaners are the perfect option for tackling cleaning jobs that cover a large area. The user simply needs to remove the wheels from the truck mounted carpet cleaner and load it onto a truck or trailer for easy transportation. Another feature to look for is water consumption. Many conventional carpet cleaning units use a lot of water, which means that the carpets are very damp after cleaning. This can be a huge inconvenience in many commercial and industrial areas, as the damp areas need to be cordoned off until they can dry completely.

This is why itís a good idea to invest in carpet cleaning units that use low water flow technology. These units use less water and more extraction power to remove deep-seated stains and deposits. This means that the carpets will be a lot less damp after cleaning. In many cases, the carpets may dry in just a few hours after cleaning. This is a huge advantage, since it reduces the risk of germs and bacteria growing in the damp material. Low water flow technology allows carpets to dry out quickly and completely, even in humid climates. The best providers of carpet cleaning units offer machines that are not just high quality, but also have a number of features for enhanced user convenience. Many of them offer completely eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions as well.

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