Balance Carpet Cleaning Needs With Ecofriendly Practices By Using A Carpet Extractor

Daimer®’s carpet extractor machines offer multiple benefits. They are high performing, with pressure levels up to 500 PSI in some models and peak temperature as much as 210°F. These machines are capable of attaining high temperatures in just 5 minutes, thanks to the availability of powerful inline heating elements. Besides the high temperature and pressure, [...]


Deep Cleaning of Carpets with Carpet Shampooer?

Most carpet manufacturers recommend using hot water extraction for deep cleaning carpets. Deep cleaning eliminates most of the grease and grime from carpets, and it also offers other benefits, such as elimination of bad odors. Since odors are caused by dirt trapped deep inside the carpet fibers, only deep cleaning eliminates the odors. This explains [...]

Retaining Customer Loyalty through Flawless Carpets and Upholstery

Restaurants depend on good publicity to get customers. Everything, from the quality of food to general décor, is factored in when diners praise or vilify a restaurant to peers. Even the condition of the floors and carpets is a matter of general concern. That is why it is important to invest in top-notch carpet cleaning [...]


Hard Surface Cleaner a Must-Have for Cleaning

Why is a Hard Surface Cleaner a Must-Have for Cleaning Professionals?

Compared to conventional buffers and scrubbers, the best hard surface cleaner systems, such as the XTreme Power® HSC 13000 from Daimer®, amazingly simplify the cleaning process and enhance the cleaning results. The American-made cleaning system boasts of high pressure levels of 1500 PSI, motorized spinner head, and multi-functional cleaning capabilities. The 9-inch motorized spinner head [...]

Why Carpet Cleaning Machines are Equipped with Two Types of Wands?

This is one reason that carpet cleaning machines have two different types of wands. The larger wand has longer handle and is ideal for cleaning regular carpets. The smaller wand is used for cleaning areas where a large wand cannot reach, including car interiors. Carpet cleaning machines aimed at different purposes are fitted with a [...]

Carpet Cleaning Machines are Equipped

Good For Use As Upholstery Cleaners

Are Rug Washers Good For Use As Upholstery Cleaners?

versatile carpet wash systems capable of working as upholstery cleaners as well. The best upholstery cleaners generate moisture at high temperatures to help dissolve the toughest of stains and dried dirt deposits on upholstered surfaces. These machines are also equipped with excellent extraction functions that help extract the dissolved deposits and direct it into a [...]

Features Included In Advanced Carpet Cleaning Machines

The latest carpet cleaning machines are low flow, meaning they clean large areas of carpeting with minimal water. Using less amount of water also helps the carpets dry fast. The best machines offer a drying time as low as one hour. Then comes the suction power. The best carpet cleaning machines come with suction capabilities [...]

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Machines

Water Damage Restoration Machine

Water Damage Restoration Machine: For Easy Removal of Water and Sludge

To manage the most challenging sludge removal applications, it is best to choose water damage restoration machines featuring efficient dumping capacity of about 85 gpm. This will empower the mobile extractors with the capability to extract sludge, mud, and water from basements and rooms affected by hurricanes, floods, or other catastrophes leading to water damage. [...]

Portable Carpet Cleaner For Commercial Applications

Vacuuming removes only loose particulate matter from carpet surfaces. Alternatively, the best portable carpet cleaner machines have been designed to eject hot moisture that helps dissolve and extract the toughest dirt particles, stains, and oil deposits even from deep within the carpet fibers. The latest versions of portable carpet cleaner machines come with adjustable temperature [...]

Portable Carpet Cleaner For Commercial Applications

Why Rug Steam Cleaners Are Ideal For Cleaning Large Carpets?

There is no better way to clean carpets than using rug steam cleaners. These machines are designed for commercial carpet cleaning. They have features, such as durable wands, high temperatures, low flow, and temperature control, that help in quicker carpet cleaning. Unlike machines that use dry vapor for cleaning various surfaces, rug steam cleaners are [...]