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Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-5800TU Carpet Cleaner
The XTreme Powerģ XPH-5800TU is powerful 170 psi upholstery cleaning and auto detailing machine that adds the cleaning power of steam and higher pressure levels to the features of the 5700U. The powerful tank heating element with a quick heating time allows for steam temperatures up to 150?F†.
Pump Pressure 170 psi
Temp up to 150?F
Flow Technology special low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size 4.5 gallons
Recovery Tank Size 4 gallons
Heating Elements 1 tank heating element
Heating Time up to 15 minutes
Drying Time carpets - approximately 4 hours; upholstery - up to 1 hour

How to Make a Good Carpet Cleaning Business the Best

Getting into the carpet cleaning business can be an extremely lucrative proposition. Today, more and more businesses are taking their interior decor seriously. Even small businesses realize the importance of an office that looks great, right down to the carpet. Apart from this, carpeting is now present in more areas than before. Interior auto detailing jobs today primarily deal with cleaning vehicle carpeting and upholstery. Many shopping malls, hotels, libraries and restaurantsl contain large areas of carpeting. While itís true that the field is large, the only way this kind of business can succeed is by investing in the right kind of carpet cleaners.

Drying Times

One of the traditional drawbacks of any carpet cleaning business has been the drying times. Conventional carpet cleaners often use a lot of water during the cleaning process. This means that the carpets are often left very damp after cleaning. In commercial and industrial areas that deal with high traffic volumes, this can be a great inconvenience. It simply isnít feasible to block off a high traffic area in a mall or office, simply because the carpets need to dry. Damp carpeting can also take a long time to dry, even more so in humid climates. If the carpet doesnít dry completely, germs and bacteria can start growing in the warm, damp material. In many cases, damp carpets can also start to give off a foul odor.

This is why it is best to invest in a carpet cleaner that has low water flow technology. These kinds of carpet cleaning machines will use less water and more suction and extraction powers to remove dirt and debris. This means that the carpets will be less damp after cleaning, so they can dry out faster and more completely. There is lesser chance of germs or foul odors occurring in the damp material. Apart from that, these carpet cleaning units will consume less water as well. These units can be helpful for any carpet cleaning business and especially interior auto detailing jobs.

The Importance of Quality

At the end of the day, a carpet cleaner business will only be as good as its machines. You may have the best work force around but they wonít be much use to you or your customers if they have low-quality machines to work with. Whether itís a commercial carpet cleaner, a truck mounted carpet cleaner or a residential carpet cleaner, all units should be of the very highest quality. The housing of the machinery should be rugged and durable enough to withstand hard usage, while protecting the engine and machinery. The heating elements in the unit should be made of durable materials as well. Investing in quality units means better cleaning power and machines that will last longer as well.

Eco-friendliness is another important aspect of any carpet cleaner business. Today, more and more businesses are looking for cleaning options that are effective but safe on the environment as well. This is why itís important to invest in carpet cleaning units that donít rely on harsh chemical cleaning agents during the cleaning process. These units should ideally use nothing more than water and extraction powers to get carpets clean. For extra cleaning power, heated units can be used to remove tougher stains and hardened deposits. A number of carpet cleaning units can be used with special eco-friendly green chemicals, which are designed to provide optimum cleaning power that is completely safe on the environment.

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