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Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-9300 Carpet Cleaner
Daimer's XTreme Power ģ XPH-9300 commercial carpet cleaners are a higher capacity and more powerful version of the carpet steam cleaners. Temperatures up to 210? F and powerful water lift and airflow make this model ideal for commercial applications requiring robust cleaning power, high capacity, and rapid (2 hour) drying times.
Pump Pressure 220 psi
Temp up to 210?F
Flow Technology special low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size 17 gallons
Recovery Tank Size 15 gallons
Heating Elements 2 powerful inline heating elements
Drying Time approximately 2 hours

Nine Buying Advice To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Machine

Before buying the best carpet cleaning machine, itís important to take a look at the best carpet cleaning guide. A number of people end up investing in the wrong kind of carpet cleaners, simply because they didnít know how to buy the right unit. The best carpet cleaners are those that meet your unique cleaning needs in the best way possible. Before investing in a carpet cleaning unit, keep the following nine simple tips in mind.

Identify Your Cleaning Needs

The best carpet cleaning guide will tell you that some of the best carpet cleaners are simply units that are well-suited to specific cleaning needs. This is why it is very important to know what your cleaning needs are. Will you be using the carpet cleaner in an area that has heavy traffic? If so, what kind of traffic is it? Is it predominantly inside dirt or is it dirt tracked in from the outside? What material is the carpet made of? These are just some of the important questions you should ask before investing in a commercial carpet cleaner.

Heat or No Heat?

Heated carpet cleaners can be great for removing sticky sedimentation, ground-in debris or hardened deposits. However, some natural-looking carpet material like wool can get damaged under high heat. In these cases, using a non-heated carpet cleaning unit is a more effective option, or else turning off the heat on heated machines.

Low Water Flow

A carpet cleaner that uses less water during the cleaning process will ensure that the carpet is not left very damp after cleaning. These kinds of units will rely more on extraction powers to loosen and remove dirt and debris. Since relatively little water is used for cleaning, the carpets can dry very quickly. In some cases, carpets will dry completely in just a few hours.

Choose Your Model

Anyone in the carpet cleaning business will tell you that different carpets need different kinds of cleaning machines. If youíre going to maintain large areas of carpet, a walk-behind box model may be best, especially in hotels. For jobs like auto detailing and most other industries, smaller and more maneuverable units are ideal. Truck mounted carpet cleaners are ideal for any carpet cleaning business or cleaning application where the user has to move from one large area to another.

Eye on Quality

No matter what carpet cleaning unit you choose, make sure it is a quality unit, made from high-grade components. A quality machine will last longer and will be less prone to frequent repairs.


Choose a carpet cleaning unit that has an eye on environmental-friendliness. A number of units today, offer top-of-the-line cleaning that only uses water and high extraction powers. Special eco-friendly green chemicals can offer added cleaning power while helping to ensure no unhealthy residue or build-up is left behind.

Better Extraction Power

A good carpet cleaning unit will always have exemplary suction powers. Look for units that have adjustable carpet wands that create a strong seal with the carpet. This leads to better suction and extraction power.

BUpholstery-Cleaning Advantage

If youíre going to use your carpet cleaning machine for cleaning upholstery, make sure the unit has an optional upholstery cleaning wand. Many units come with a number of other helpful accessories as well. If you have varied carpet cleaning needs, itís best to look for machines that offer optional single and dual jet wands.

Multi-Surface Cleaners

If you have areas that require carpet cleaning and hard surface cleaning, consider investing in a multi-function floor/hard surface unit, that offers carpet cleaning and hard surface cleaning abilities in one handy unit. This is a cleaning solution that is not just efficient but economical and convenient too. For more guidance visit at

carpet cleaners buying advice

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