Industrial Carpet Cleaners  

Industrial Carpet Cleaners

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Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-5800T Carpet Cleaner
Daimer's XTreme Powerģ XPH-5800T is a commercial carpet steam cleaner that combines the features of the XPC-5700 with the cleaning power of steam and a higher pressure level of 170 psi. A powerful tank heating element allow for temperatures up to 150? F resulting in greater cleaning power.
Pump Pressure 170 psi
Temp up to 150?F
Flow Technology special low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size 4.5 gallons
Heating Elements 1 tank heating element
Heating Time up to 15 minutes
Drying Time approximately 4 hours
Vacuum Motor 1 powerful 2 stage motor

Big and Bold - Understanding the Benefits of Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners

When trying to choose the best kind of carpet cleaning unit for their cleaning needs, many people come across the term truck mounted carpet cleaners. In very basic terms, a truck mounted carpet cleaner is a carpet cleaning unit that is, like the name implies, mounted on a truck. The unit is kept on the vehicle while hoses and wands are brought into the area to be cleaned. Before opting for such carpet cleaning machines, itís important to understand how they work and what to look for in a truck mounted unit.

Bigger and Better

What exactly makes truck mounted carpet cleaners special? These carpet cleaning machines basically provide carpet cleaning power on a large scale. A truck mounted carpet cleaner will run on a very powerful motor. Unlike a conventional industrial carpet cleaner, these units can be mounted on a truck or trailer. This includes all parts of the unit, including the tank for the extracted dirty water. Only the wands and hoses are carried into the building for cleaning. This can be very convenient for cleaning large areas of carpet in homes and most commercial settings.

These units generally offer higher pressure levels than conventional cleaning units, which can help remove deep-seated stains and hardened sedimentation. Truck mounted carpet cleaners generally arrive with a pre-mixed cleaning solution, which is prepared before arriving at the site. Of course, pre-spraying the caarpet is very popular. We suggest about a 15-minute dwell time. A topical solution can be used on all carpets. For cleaning isolated stains or smaller areas of carpet, and when using a truck moun may be impractical, one may consider using a portabale carpet cleaning unit. Truck mounted units are often used for commercial and industrial cleaning.

The Water Equation

When looking for the right truck mounted carpet cleaning unit, itís also best to look for units that use less water and more suction power for cleaning. Many people believe that industrial carpet cleaners need to use vast amounts of water for tackling cleaning applications. The truth is that high water volumes donít necessarily translate into better cleaning. An effective industrial carpet cleaner will actually rely less on water and more on extraction powers to clean carpets. Industrial carpet cleaners that operate using this low water flow technology will not leave the carpets very damp after cleaning.

A low water flow industrial carpet cleaner will allow carpets to dry much faster after cleaning, sometimes within just a few hours. These industrial carpet cleaners will also allow carpets to dry out thoroughly. This is especially important in humid climates, where drying may be a problem. Itís best to opt for truck mounted carpet cleaning units that are eco-friendly. Many models, that are available on the market today, donít rely on soapy, unhealthy chemical cleaning agents. The best industrial carpet cleaner models only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, water, and high extraction powers to remove different kinds of stains and build-up.

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